One life — Goa is ON..

Yes Goa is ON.. he he !!!

One day, on breakfast table Neha (Dear friend) asked me about Goa Trip. Without second thought I said “YES”. Normally it doesn’t happen with me…

Yup, ready to discover something new with few!!

ME, Neha and Niki…

Whoo-hoo.. Goa is ON.. 🏝

Yes, beach view is not new for me because I am from Kokan.. then whats the reason behind the big YES.. 🤔

Let me find this because I also don’t know…

“sometimes it’s okay to not have a plan.. Being clueless is not a bad thing.”

Yeah! Inspired from these lines.

Now, plan is ready, gang is ready, destination is ready.. except my bag… 😬

What should I have to keep in my bag first.. yes you got it!! 👉 📷

For me, It’s like oxygen cylinder require in Leh-Ladakh. You never know when you miss Camera 💁

Hmm, finally weirdos started their trip..

This was the mini description before starting the actual thing..

Again you will raise question that, “Are you going to share your travel experience here. Let us know before so, we can quit to read. Because we know Goa well..”.

No No No.. Please wait.. 😅

I am sharing the good things which changed my assumption about Goa. Which normally still many people keeps in their mind! (After visiting Goa also..)

Wayne Dyer Said,

“When you change the way you see things, the things you see change.”

What we learned in Goa..

Agree to something you wouldn’t normally consider — Which I did, and said big “YES” for this trip.

Never get tired to explore — We walked towards our location from Calangute-Baga circle to restaurant in Calangute , Literally with luggage!! And after that we never asked anyone for direction (except Google in Old Goa) 😄

Get your plan ready and must keep it simple — Everyone wants to do different things but we managed to keep it at one point. And that was Win-Win for us.

Try to do things never done before — We listed different things which we never did before. Let me show you track for what we did.

  • Neha tried to dance and make her feel free as much as she can.. and kudos for her.
  • Nikita tried to take snaps and she done it well..
  • And me, Ruchira tried to float in swimming pool. Yeah I am not swimmer. I tried to cope up fear of drowning.

Utilize time, Take pause, regain energy — As we are Punekars, we kept our few afternoon hours for rest. Instead returning home for rest, we prefered beach shakes to regain energy 🏖. “To escape and sit quietly on beach — that’s my idea of paradise.

Get in front of the camera — I always feel comfortable to take photos, but in front of the camera the world changes.

Patience — At Chapora fort, hot place, there we saw one person who was entertaining everyone from morning to evening with his act.

and many more..

What we explored..

▪ Our point of view (specifically Indians), we criticize more than actual talk. We have to keep the distance from negativity and have to focus on good things around.

▪ Keep in mind why we are here on holiday. Do only those things instead wasting time on other things (Normally Russians do this here).

▪ Feel free and comfortable. Don’t worry what others will say. And enjoy.

happiness is elusive

What we must have to take care..

Revelation comes from silence.

Yes, we are on holiday, but,

▪ Never disturb their locality and culture. Maintain the purity of Goa.

▪ Keep beaches clean. Do not throw anything there which is harmful i.e. Glass/Plastic bottles*, Clothes, Wastage food, etc.

▪ Check the guidelines of beach and follow the words of guide

▪ Prefer bikes instead of cars because of narrow roads in Goa. It will help you to avoid traffic and manage time.

▪ Keep license, ID with you.

We will not trifle — life is too short

What you should not miss here in Goa..

▪ Clean beaches (like Colva, Sinquerim, Arambol if you are in North Goa)

▪ Culture

▪ Night life

▪ Peaceful morning (try to go there early to see the sunrise)

▪ Give and take “Good luck” in Saturday Night Bazaar (Arpora ground or else)

▪ Night walk on beach

▪ Try to speak with any Russian for 5 mins (This is challenge!!) We did ha! He was 73 years of old and his wife 70. It was so much fun. To take pause and speak to understand not by only words but with feelings.

Here, pleasant memory of Goa -

Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.

Never ending process.. Learning!!

Thank you so much for your love and support..

Keep smiling, enjoy colorful life..

And don’t forget to love.. Good Luck..



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