Gemstones: One shot about Apple Developer Account

Apple Developer Account
  • What is Apple Developer Account? What is purpose to use?
  • How to enrol/register
  • How to create
  • How to use it for publish iOS Application on AppStore
  • .. and more

What is the purpose of Apple Developer Account?

How to enrol/register Apple Developer Program : (Paid Account)

  1. Individual developer account — $99
  2. Enterprise Developer Account — $299
    (requirement — D-U-N-S Number(standard business identifier), Legal entity status, Legal binding authority, Work Phone Number, Work Email-Id)

Create an Apple developer account :

Apple Developer Agreement
  1. First Enrol — And click “Start your Enrolment”
  2. If you have Apple ID, go to step 3. Else go for step 4.
  3. Sign In using your Apple ID.
  4. Create Apple Developer Account first. Click Create Apple ID, and fill out the required information and click Continue. You’ll then need to sign in with the Apple ID that you just created, and go back to the Member Centre.
  5. Go over Apple Developer Agreement and Check box confirming that you have read it and “Submit”.
  6. Confirm all information is correct(Email, name, location)
  7. Then choose “Entity”, Individual or Enterprise. And Continue.
  8. Fill Contact Information And Continue.
  9. Click ‘Purchase’ to enrol and pay for your yearly iOS Developer Account. Don’t forget to check the Automatic Renewal box if you want you membership to be automatically renewed.
  10. Sign in with your Apple ID and fill in your billing information. Then click continue to complete the setup of your iOS Developer Account.
  11. Fill in any remaining information on the following pages. Within 24 hours you will receive a confirmation email from Apple letting you know the setup of your iOS Developer Account was successful.

Signing in with Xcode :

Link Apple Account to xCode
  1. Download Xcode from the Mac App Store, if not.
  2. Launch Xcode → Preferences → Accounts
  3. Click Xcode → Preferences → Accounts and click the ‘+’ sign and choose Add Apple ID
  4. Login with the Apple ID

Publish iOS application on AppStore :
Requirements :

  • Apple Developer Account
  • Distribution Certificate
  • Provisioning Profile

Configure Application for Distribution :

  • An Application icon ( 1024pt × 1024pt @1x PNG)
  • A screenshots / app review ( at least 5 with one preview video)
  • Metadata (Application name, version number, Category of the application, a detailed description, any additional keywords)

Generate iOS application release build to upload on AppStore :

  1. Make sure app passes all Apple Store Guidelines and ensure there are no bugs and crashes.
  2. Create an App Store build by proper bundle Identifier with Distribution Certificate
  3. Open login with Apple ID —
  4. Create Version or Platform ID same as project Bundle Identifier
  5. Open Application loader → login and add .ipa (release build) in it.
  6. After Delivering app in application loader it will display in web iTunes Connect.
  7. In iTunes Connect, upload is displayed on Activity section of “My Apps”.

Publish application on Appstore :

  1. In iTunes Connect, application status will be “Prepare for submission”.
  2. Select application, it will allow you to view and edit application information.
  3. In Archive Organiser, select the archive you want to upload. Click upload to Appstore.
  4. Now, Application will be in App review cycle.

Application review cycle status :

  • Prepare for submission
  • Waiting for review
  • In review
  • Waiting for export compliance
  • Pending developer release
  • Developer rejected
  • Rejected
  • Metadata rejected

How much time Application takes to release :



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